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Online storage, remote connection, virtualization ... make your installation more flexible and secure on our data centers!

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Run an Intelligent Enterprise with azur ERP on cloud !


Sita Software has a comprehensive portfolio of ERP modules available on the cloud.
azur Connect' is your gateway to your remote access to manage your business.

For many small and medium enterprises, expansion is a goal that promises brand loyalty and paves the way to long-term prosperity.
At the same time, the further the company branches out to grow its footprint on the market or explore new regions, the more complex operations become, in addition to exposing themselves to risk.

In the age of information, a business can only be efficient with the proper technology.
Especially in SMEs, business owners and managers want to have access to large volumes of data and process them quickly with more on-the-spot capabilities like specific reporting, to comply with industry or regional regulations. A better view of the business' performance helps identifying opportunities and risk. For this, processes must be unified into one core system. Azur ERP accessed via azur Connect' is the on-stop-shop for your business.

With the proper digital strategy built on an intelligent cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, small and midsize businesses can grow their business in a more sustainable way.
This is achieveable by streamlining processes, systems and  their data. Adding employees to the link and all together is bound from one end to the other.
Real-time insight and smarter employee-centric and customer-centric practices get injected into every aspect of the company. Flexible deployment of new digital solutions and their improvement become a significant competitive advantage for your business.

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For a customized Cloud

We have exclusively located our data-centers in Luxembourg to offer you a quality service and an optimal security of your data.

Our remote connections will allow your team to log into our application servers from a simple web browser, wherever your locaction may be. You will have a strictly reserved access on our servers, applications of your choice and a scalable disk space according to your needs.

Finally, our data centers are equipped with storage arrays to accommodate copies of your backups or data. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details regarding our high availability service.


As an innovative company, Sita Software has designed an entire ecosystem around its ERP Azur to meet your needs.

Azur Card picture

Azur Card

Retain your customers with a customer card, and offer them the opportunity to track their loyalty points online.

Playlist picture

Azur Playlist

The dynamic customer display for your special offers: the playlist of your choice in the store and according to the purchases at the checkout.

Azur Ticket picture

Azur Web

Improve your customer service or project tracking with Azur Web. View the progress of your teams in real time on the Internet.

Azur Traceability picture

Azur Traçabilité

In full compliance with European standards, data from the origin of your products up on your ticket or the label of your pre-pack.

Azur CMS picture


The tool that will enable you to showcase your products and services. Coupled with Azur, you can effortlessly sell online with our eBusiness Module.


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